NSync returns after a not-so-brief interlude

"I have never been so soaked in my life!"

That proclamation was voiced by Jessica, but it certainly echoed my own sentiments. My Lord! It wasn't until NSync
stopped the show that I realized just how cold and miserable I felt. Sure, right now a deluge of chilly rain doesn't sound
too bad at all, but when you're stuck standing in the constant downpour, it starts to get to you.

"Aaah! I just felt a drop run down my leg!" I was wearing jeans, remember? Bloody wet, they were. "Aah, there goes
another one." I took the flimsey, purple shirt I had wrapped around my waist and began to wring water from it. Water
poured from the twisted material. Little good bringing that shirt did me. Cripes.

I can't even begin to describe how much water fell on us that night - but I'm going to try anyway. The rain had more
water pressure than any shower I've been in. And it just continued on and on...Okay, there really isn't more to say
other than it poured. Torrentially.

In the middle of this rain, the sky flashed with lightning. Nothing terribly scary, but every time the sky lit up,
thousands of kids screamed. It was actually pretty funny. Poor kids.

After about thirty minutes of this rain, Chris came on the speakers again. "Sorry about the lightning and stuff. The
weatherman says the stormfront will pass in the next twenty minutes, so we're going to wait until that goes through.
But don't go anywhere! As long as you're here, we're going to put on our concert." And then Chris, God love him,
started singing. "I'm singing in the rain, I'm singing in the rain!" Jessica and I both laughed, and I carried on the rest of
the line. "What a glorious feeling I'm feeling today!" Whether those are actually the right words, I really don't know.
It's been a long time since I sang that song.

Then Chris' voice left, and we were once again left to deal with the rain. One of the workers ("Tenable Staff" their shirts
said, whatever that means) had to brush all the water off the runway with those brooms people use to brush water off.
All the "Tenable Staff" who lined the VIP area wore ponchos. One young (and really cute, I may add) guy didn't seem
to eager to put his on, but another older employee made him. Another guy laughed and made fun of the crowd
good-naturedly. "This isn't half as bad for us," he said to anyone listening nearby. "At least we didn't pay for tickets!"

Jessica predicted tomorrow's headline. "10,000 NSync fans get sick."

"Ha, no kidding!" I replied. "I'll probably catch a cold...or the flu...or pneumonia! And if I do, I'm going to sue NSync.
How long does it take for a cold to develop? It might be a while, like a few days. Or maybe even months. Heck, it might
not even be until the middle of December! If I get a cold in December, you better believe I'm suing those guys."

According to the paper the next day, the crowd had to wait fifty minutes in the rain for the concert to start up again. By
the time NSync took the stage again, my legs were shaking so badly that my inner thighs were starting to cramp. I
never even knew those muscles could cramp!

But when the show started again, all was forgiven. After all, this is NSync!

Unfortunately, I can't remember the order of the songs, so I'll just have to describe each one individually. Sadly, that
will have to wait for the next exciting installment of my diary. Until next time!

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