Singing in the Rain with *NSync, Part II

The guys performed "This I Promise You" nicely enough, nothing too special. For decorations, they brought out bare
trees that held candles. Pretty.

The next song (well, I say "next") was the second of my favorites, "Up Against the Wall". The production for this
song wasn't nearly as great as "Gone" - in fact, I barely remember it - but the song, for some reason, really stuck on me.
Very catchy...but I really don't know why I like it so much. To anyone else, I'm sure it's just another slick pop song that
*NSync's known for, but I found it oddly appealing. And, for some reason, I think the phrase "up against the wall" is The dances moves were really cute, or at least the one dance move I remember was. At some point during
the refrain, an NSync guy and a dancer girl hold hands and skip in place, bouncing their head side to side and
swinging their arms in a "la la la" way. It's hard to explain, but trust me, it was cute. ;)

By the way, I realized I should explain who these dancer girls are. They're five girls who dance with the guys in maybe
three or four songs. There you go.

Another song they sang is "Celebrity". This song started out with one girl pacing the stage as she talked on a cell
phone to one of her friends. She complained about how her boyfriend wouldn't buy her the diamond earrings she
wanted. Then, on the video screens, JC comes on, driving his car as he calls the girl on stage. She tries to yell at him,
but he has to interrupt her as the four other *NSyncers call him.

Joey was first, also driving a car, and wearing a party hat or some silly getup like that. "What up, dork!" JC quickly got
rid of him.

Then came Lance, lounging in a chair. "How are yooooouuuu dooooiiinn'?" He was gone in seconds.

The Chris called from another car. Before JC could hang up on him as well, Chris told him, "I have three-way calling
with Justin!" And then Justin comes on, driving a speedboat. Chris and Justin act zany, but I can't remember how or
what was said. Finally JC just said, "Stop." Then Chris and Justin become all huffy and complain about his attitude in a
mock valley girl way. So now JC is able to talk to his girl and soon realizes what she's after. "Wait, do you want me or
my money?" he demands. Overall, another cute video, one of those things I'd laugh at no matter how many times I see
it - even though I'll probably never see it again.

So the stage is set for "Celebrity" as *NSync comes out along a red-carpet, with a crowd of girls on either side
screaming. It was for this that the lady near us was put on stage. We also noticed that the girl with the shiny blue
bikini top had also been pulled up. Ugh.

For this song, all five guys walk down the entire runway, which meant, yep, they came right to us. Aaah, I had a
teenybopper moment, I admit it. The feeling's contagious. I think even Jessica was affected.

Sadly, I did not get to touch any member of *NSync. A private memorial service will be held in honor of that missed

*NSync also performed "No Strings Attached" which is most remembered for the its explosions. Heh heh heh,
awesome. I do love spectacles, and this was certainly one. In it, Justin pretends to throw a grenade, but nothing
happens. "You're throwing duds," Chris remarked. Justin refuses to give up though. Finally he stops throwing and
stands up, facing the audience, cocks his hands in pistol formation, and "shoots" on either side of him. The causes a
whole row of explosions to rocket out from where he stood to the ends of the stage.

Now I know I said these songs are out of order, but they are roughly in order. However, I left out the song they did
right after they came back from the rain delay: "Space Cowboy". Oops. So I will now proceed to that one.

During the rain delay, Jessica noticed the strings above us that ran from the stage to the platform behind us. "They're
not going to fly on those, are they?? Not with the rain!" And, wouldn't you know, that was the first thing they did.
"Aah! That's too scary!"

The five members slid along the ropes towards our direction. Justin was directly above us, and I bet his sweat dropped
on us - I couldn't tell though, with all the rain. I waved frantically at him, because I knew that would set me apart from
the rest of the crowd and that he would remember me forever. (hmm, can you still detect sarcasm, even though you
can't hear my tone?) When they reached the platform, they unhooked themselves, danced out of our sight range, and
then ran down the steps where we once again got an unhindered view. Awwww. Another teenybopper moment.

They then made their way to the stage and got on these huge, futuristic looking mechanical bulls, which they rode.
Ya-hoo! They also danced on these things, and I thought their "If you want to fly" moves looked especially cool.

After the song, Chris entertained the audience while the other four went backstage. First, he explained why they had to
stop the show for the storm - They were virtual lightning rods with all the wires hooked to them. Then he began to
move about jerkily, as if he were being controlled. "Hey man, what are you doing?" Strip dancing music started playing
and Chris began to strip. Of course, he didn't get very far, but afterwards, he asked, "Did I look sexy there for a
minute?" He also pretended to throw his jacket into the audience, but he faked them out at the last moment, instead
flipping it over his shoulder. I love Chris.

They ended the show, surprise, with "Bye, Bye, Bye." Sadly, I don't remember much about this either, except for the
end. The five members each climbed into a structure made up of white curtains and wooden frames held up on stilts,
and the girls shut them in. Then, suddenly, the curtains dropped, revealing that each structure was empty. I still don't
know how they did it. Just like the magicians on TV. Awesome.

However, it was also anticlimatic. The music continued to play and the stadium remained dark. The band played for another
couple of minutes and then finally I heard one of the guards telling somebody to turn the lights on, which then slowly
faded up (faded up?). And that was it.

Well, I can't remember any other songs. Btw, the guys came down the runway towards us for most of the songs as
well, but once again, I can't remember which ones and who did what when.  But in any case, the concert was simply awesome.

*sniff*  I love those guys.

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