Adventures in Cleveland, cont.

Well, now that I got the whole ticket story out of the way, I think it's fair to continue with our Cleveland trip. It may get
boring, it may get tedious, but hey, it's my diary and I can write whatever I bloody want to!

So you can picture us better, I'll briefly describe our outfits. Jessica was wearing...well, I can't really remember. Jean
shorts and a navy blue, no sleeved, hooded top? There was writing on the shirt, but I couldn't tell you what without a
reminder (Jessica! What were you wearing?). She also wore a cap, but I can't remember if that was Thursday or Friday
or both. Whatever she was wearing, she was stylin' baby, perfecting the kinda sporty, girl-next-door look. I, on the
otherhand, was wearing dark blue jeans which were so long that I had to roll up the bottoms, and a black, no-sleeved
shirt with a white, sparkly picture of London Bridge, which I later found out was actually the London Bridge that is no
longer in London but in a small town in Arizona. I am just so cool.

Well anywho, after we dropped everything in our upgraded hotel room, we decided to spend the day out on the town.
Cleveland rocks, after all. So we took the elevator to the first floor, realized that the actually lobby/street level was the
second floor, walked up some stairs and then walked out the door into downtown Cleveland air. Across the street was
the public square where some really loud hiphop rapping noise had attracted a fairly large crowd. Not us, though.
Instead we walked two steps down, right to the entrance of the mall. Inside, we realized that there was a direct
connection between the mall and our hotel. But I didn't feel silly! Not at all! I wanted to walk outside!

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, which was inside the mall. I ordered chicken fingers or sticks or tenders or mcnuggets or
whatever they're called at the Hard Rock, and let me tell you, they were DIVINE! Okay, actually they weren't. I'm of the
belief that if you've tried one chicken finger, you've tried them all (unless of course they're Planet Hollywood's special
Captain Crunch recipe, which is a *whole* other story). So you could say my meal wasn't too memorable. Neither was
Jessica's apparently, because I can't even remember what she got.

After we ate, we wandered around the mall, and I dragged (drug?) Jessica into the Museum Company, because I just
love that store. When I get my own place and income, I'm just going to purchase their entire merchandising line. Other
than that, the mall was mostly a blur to me. I did keep an eye out for Mr. NSyncers, but alas, they did not show.

After the mall, we went to our hotel (via the direct mall entrance!) and stopped at the gift shop. As Jessica was staring
at a Heath Ledger magazine, a business man walked in and purchased something. He asked the guy working if NSync
were staying there.

"Oh, is that what all the commotion's about? Ha ha. No, they're staying at the Ritz."

Did my eyes start to tear? They may have!

"I wish they'd stop in here though! Maybe they could buy something from me."

The businessman gave a polite laugh and left, and I stared at Jessica's magazine, pretending I didn't care about this
very devastating news. But the worker strolled over to us anyway. "Why are you girls here for? NSync's over at the

Drats, found out again!

Then he started drilling us about NSync. "Are you here for the cocnert? Do you own all three CDs? How much did
you pay for the tickets? The most I ever paid was $17 for the Rolling Stones." Then he scolded NSync for letting SFX
charge so much for tickets.

Jessica almost bought a keychain, but didn't. We left, still listening to his suggestions for NSync to protest those high

Okay, well this thing won't allow for very long entries, so I'll end it here for now.

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