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NOTE: This is a YAOI/shounen-ai page, i.e. MALE/MALE love stories. If you are not interested or are offeneded by such things, then you might want to leave, because there's nothing really here for you.

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Last Updated Feb 18th, 2003.
AAAAAAAAAAHH!! Yes, yes, it has been more than two and a half years since my last update. Unfortunately, I don't have much to show for it. The only addition: a Harry Potter slash fic I've already posted on (only to be deleted for its nc-17 content). It's not even anime! But it's something, right? Sorry, no current anime fic in the works, but you never know when inspiration strikes.

I've also updated my email address. ^^;

*mumbles* I don't even know if anyone stops by here anymore...*mumbles*

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Well, here are my stories.
Like 'em? I wrote them myself!

Hey, folks, I need your help. Half of my stories were lost because I stored them at a different site, which was eventually deleted (without my knowing). If you have any copies of these lost files, could you please send them to me? Pretty please? ^^;

UPDATE: I restored some of the lost fics. Just two more or so to go! Wheee!


Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts - Featuring Ron with co-stars Draco and Harry. A little angsty, a little funny (well, I hope), a little fuzzy. NC-17 lite. NEW!


Another Lonely Night - A PG-rated yaoi involving Ranma and Ryouga.
Part 2 - The aftermath. After thinking about the night before, Ryouga becomes suspicious and decides to "get back" at Ranma. A little more plot and less sweetness than the first part.
Part 3 - The next part...
The Bath - This is a side story that takes place after Part 3, but isn't Part 4.
Part 4 - A very, very rough draft. Ryouga starts having doubts...well, he starts having *more* doubts. lost
Christmas Promises - It's Christmas night, and Ryouga is, of course, lost. Okay, so it's not exactly original...^_^;
Together - What happens when everyone finds out about Ranma and Ryouga? Unfortunately for our boys, it's not pretty.
Valentine's Day - It's Valentine's Day. Ranma has just recovered from his illness and Ryouga makes a decision.
The Fine Art of Conversation - Not a whole lot yaoi content; just a little fun with a couple of characters and their reactions.
Proven Love - To make up for the last story, this one is all yaoi. Rated PG, though. Overflowing with WAFF.
The Search - Ranma runs into more angsty bad stuff, leaving him in a rather unhappy mood.


Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Scheming Dolphins - My first YST story ever. A very mild yaoi involving Sai and Rowen. lost

Hidden Love - A Sai and Ryo story. Also mild, but more serious. Some violence and angst. Still sickening sweet, though! ^_^;

Gift of the Magi - Sai and Rowen Christmas story, just like it sounds.


Lost Boy in Ronin Land - a Ranma/YST story, not set in the same storyline as any of my other fics.


X: New Beginnings - A part of an X fic I'm working on. This section pretty much is just set up.
Part 2 - so short, it shouldn't even be considered a part. But I was anxious to post something.



Look, three!

Sai - here's a quick, little sketch I drew of Sai from Ronin Warriors. My art skill isn't very good, hence the lopsided eyes. ^_^; lost

Angel - Just a little angel I sketched (or a boy with wings, if you prefer ^_^) lost

Subaru - I tried and tried and tried to draw Subaru, but he just wasn't cooperating! So I just drew him with a costume. *evil grin* Happy Halloween! lost


From the yaoi, "Melty Kiss" which I don't know anything about. (But it's my first ever yaoi manga I've found all by myself! ^_^) I can't read japanese, so if you can tell me anything about it, I'll be *extremely* grateful!
I tried scanning some pictures, but they're all cut off, and some are a little distorted. But I wanted to put them up anyway. I didn't scan any of the yummy graphic stuff yet, though, just a bunch of mushy kisses. ^_~

209k/24k - the cover
264k/41k - two boys hugging...awwww, how sweet!
262k/49k - ooooh, they're kissing - and they're nekkid! *^_^*
334k/74k - Mmmmmmm...more kissing, this time on a bed.
309k/61k - Stupid scanner, cutting edges off. *pouts* The blonde is - yep, you got it - kissing the dark haired boy, but he runs away. I'll try to scan this one again sometime.
306k/43k - Kissing!! For four different pictures! But I'll try scanning this one again, too.

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