*NSync Live@Much

Rick:  Oh, yes!  Welcome to MuchMusic, the headquarters of downtown Toronto.
Trust me, today will be a very, very, very special day.  One of the biggest pop acts in the world will be
here in the next couple minutes.  They're currently on the Pop Odyssey tour.  They got an album
coming out next month and they are here at MuchMusic for a LIVE@Much.
Who's excited?
A couple of them are.  Anyway, Namugenyi is going to be helping me out the next half hour.
Nam, first of all, are you out there?  Are you safe?  That's the question, Nam.

Nam:  I am very safe.  I have the best seat in the house.  I'm here with the fans.  We have
fans who have been here since Friday, four days.  This guy Joey flew in all the way from Los Angeles.
What's the deal, Joey?

Joey:  I just love *NSync.  These guys rock.  I planned my vacation around the show at Skydome last
night and be here today at MuchMusic.

Nam:  The fans are excited, Rick, but where's *NSync?

Rick: Where *NSync, that is the question.  There was a Joey to your left and a Joey to your right.  There's a doll, a Joey doll out there.
Fantastic.  I believe *NSync are somewhere in the area.  They're actually coming in from the....  (Cheering)
They're in the parking lot right now, as you can see.  Don't cry.  You don't have to cry.
Everything's going to be okay.
They're getting by security.  How is that possible?  They must be huge.  They must be massive.
*NSync are seconds away from the MuchMusic environment.  So good to have them.
Chris, going the wrong way.  This way!  This way!
Mere moments away from *NSync, all five members out here on this stage.  Joey, Chris, Jusitin, Lance, JC.  Here they come.
They're going to the rest room quickly.  Keep making noise.  Tell them to come this way, out this way.  (Cheering)
They are entering the MuchMusic environment for the first time as a collective as *NSync.  Here they come.  There they are.
(Cheering and Applause)
What's up, guys?
*Nsync.  I see them!  Here they are!  Oh, my gosh!  No!  Up this way.  Come on.  Get them out here.  *NSync, everybody.
(Chris tackles Rick)

How did I know?  Good to see you guys.  *NSync, everybody.
Be careful.

Joey: How are you guys doing?

Rick: Be very careful out here.  No tossing mw into the audience.

Joey: What's up, man?

Chris: Hello.

Rick: *NSync.

Joey: Hey!

JC: Wow.

Justin: Hello.

Rick: You know things get pretty huge when they shut down the street...Literally right on the street.

Lance: This is cool.

JC: This is pretty nice.

Rick: Right on the street.  You guys are going to be up for the next hour.

Joey: Yep.

Rick: Answering questions from myself and them.  You guys can also ask the guys some questions, interactive, you can phone, you can fax, you can e-mail the guys from *NSync.  Sixty minutes.
We're going to be back outside.  We're going to be back, we promise.  Let's go inside for now.
Let's go inside and have a seat.  We'll be back.

Joey: (to crowd) How you doing?

Rick:  Hoo!  It's wild.

Justin:  Wow.

JC: This is wild.

(Continued cheering and applause)

Rick: You know what?  I'm very surprised.

JC:  This is cool, man.  They got our names on here.  My mom monogrammed you like a sweater.  My mom, she monogrammed you a sweater.  Hooked you up.

Rick: Okay.  Listen, JC, we customized these things just for you guys.
(Cheering and Applause)
I can't hear a thing.

JC: I can't hear a thing.

Rick: No other band will be able to sit on these chairs.

Justin: Oh, we're taking them with us.

Rick: You're taking these with you.

Justin: Yeah, I'm taking this with me.

Rick: Just bring them back when you come back.  I'm actually shocked that you guys didn't try and sit on each other's chairs. Knowing you, Chris, I thought for sure...

Chris: I have Justin's mike.

JC: Actually I have Chris' mike.

Joey: I got JC's.

JC: You got mine.

Rick: That's all okay. That's all okay.
(Cheering and Applause)
It's great to have you guys back to the MuchMusic environment.

Chris: Yeah.

Rick: Chris has seen the renovations.  You guys-

Joey: I watched him on TV do that though.  You guys broke through the paper.  I saw the whole thing.

Rick: You saw that?  I hit my head on something coming in.

Chris: Joey gets cable now.

Joey:  What?

Chris: You get cable at your house now?

Joey: Yeah.

Rick: We've shared many special moments--

Chris: Hey, I got a problem.

Rick:  Sorry.  Come on now.  Can you let me speak?

Chris: Hold on a second.  Okay.

Lance: (to screaming crowd) We were just outside.

Chris: Wait. Seriously.  This is a serious problem.  We're from the USA, right, so we get MuchMusic there.  You can see Much in some places, but Ed the Sock just got canned.  I mean, they don't show it in the States any more.

Rick: He's lobbying to stay on in the States.

Chris: So we have to come up to Canada just to watch the show now.
(Cheering and Applause) We have to come all the way up here just so he can make fun of us.

Justin: We should start a "Save the Ed Sock" campaign or something.

Chris: No, no, no.  We won't save him.  I'm just bitter about it.  Let 'im go.  I'm just bitter.

Justin: Oh, okay.  Not that upset.

Chris:  It doesn't kill us.

Rick: Before you guys got here, he has Ed the Sock gifts for you guys.

Chris: Aw.  For Pete's sake.

JC: Stockings or something.

Rick: So before you leave.  We've shared a lot of special moments.

Joey:  Oh, yes.

Chris:  Probably a little toejam and a little-

Rick: We've put together a little clip.  Actually our producer John put it together.
If you guys want to take a look at the screens behind you, special moments with *NSync.

Justin: All right.

Start video montage.

~* Somebody *~
~* Guess what? *~
~* It's gonna be me *~

(Chris has Rick in headlock)
Chris: Rick?

Rick: No, I didn't mean that.

(On a rooftop)
JC: He's a freak, man.  He paints his nails.  What's that all about?

(Inside; Chris pats Rick's hair)

Chris: Ouch.

Rick: Yeah, it's sharp.

(Inside somewhere else)

Chris: Rick's a loser.

(Inside; Chris carries Rick)

Rick: Oh, be careful.


JC: Do you paint your nails?

Rick:  No.

JC Yes.

(Chris tries to shove Rick hind-end first into a trash can)

Rick: I see a lawsuit.

(on rooftop)
Chris: Can tell you haven't touched it since the last time I saw you either.  It's worn and crusty.

JC: Wash your hand.

~* Guess what? *~
~* It's gonna be me *~

End Video montage
(Cheering and Applause)

JC: ...body slam him today.

Justin:  You get beat up every time.

JC: You know you're asking for punishment showing that.  He's just kind of drooling over there.

Rick: That's why he's way over there.

JC: I see that.  Strategically.

Rick: You ran out and you almost sent me flying into the audience stage diving.  Be careful now.

Chris:  Stagediving.  That's fun.  That's the cool thing to do, man.

Rick: It's cool.  Be safe while doing it though.  Let's talk about this Pop Odyssey thing, this tour.  Now you're claiming that this is the world's largest music tour.

Joey:  We didn't claim it.  That's what they told us.

Justin: We didn't claim it.  Somebody said, "Hey, that's the biggest tour I've ever seen in my life."

Joey: We have like 91 trucks.

Rick: 91 - It keeps going up every day.

Joey: Yeah.

Chris: That's what happens when you exaggerate. You keep making it up bigger and bigger.  300.

JC: Just to give you an idea of the size though, really, the last tour was 19 trucks and this tour's 91, kinda flipped it, so...

Rick: 19 last, this time 91.  You switch around the numbers a little bit.

JC: We travel with three different stages because they take so long to set up and break down that we actually have three stages.

Justin: In actuality, when we did the No Strings Attached tour, we didn't think we could sell out Skydome and we did...
(Cheering and Applause)

Rick: Twice. You did it twice.

Justin: Yes.  So we were, like, "Uhh, we need to add some stuff to the stage."  So with this tour, it's an all stadium tour.  You know, we played some arenas the last tour, so.

Rick: 91 trucks.  How many trucks belong to you?

Joey: None.

JC: None of them.

Joey: I share a bus with Lance and the other three guys share a bus.  We have-

Chris:  We have the clean bus.

JC:  Yeah.

Joey:  Our bus is clean.

Chris:  That's not what we heard.

JC: Yeah, but there's like an odor problem in your bus.

Joey:  Every bunk has junk in it, but everything on the floor's clean.

Lance: Ours doesn't have the smell that theirs has.

Chris: Their bus broke down the other day, so Joey had to ride with us and he walked on and said,
"This is a nice, clean bus.  It smells really fresh and flowery in here."

Joey: I was shocked.  I was very shocked.

Justin: So fresh and so clean.

JC: (to the crowd) Thank you very much.

Rick: So tell the people watching right now who didn't get a chance to go to the show last night, who will be going to the upcoming shows - I think tomorrow in Cleveland, whatever -

Chris: Whatever.

Rick: -tell them how big it's going to be.  What do you have planned?  There's mechanical bulls.  There's like-

Justin: That's it.

JC: There's nothing else.

Justin: The big, old mechanical bulls.

JC: And Joey's going to fly this time.
(Applause and Cheering)

Joey: I got stuck last night.  I didn't know what was going on.

Rick: Was that staged?

Lance: That was totally staged.

Guys (all at once, I can't tell them apart): Oh, yeah, sure.  No.  Yes.

Chris: That was the coolest part of the show.  That was Joey's solo.

Joey: See my face, singing along.  All of a sudden just jolts.  Okay, what do I do?

Rick: You got stuck.  For the people who don't know what's going on, you four made it to the one end and you got stuck.

Joey: Yes, I did.

Chris:  We did it right.  He did it wrong.

Joey: Did it wrong.  And I just improv'd and  jumped around on the walkway yelling and screaming.

Rick: Will you get it right next, Joe, please, for the people of Cleveland?

JC: Do that cool dance you did at the bottom of the walkway.

Chris:  Yeah, that was cool.  Come on, Joey.
(Cheering and Applause)

Joey: Exactly what happened.  I started running, running, and I ran back and I'm like running.  I'm like (huffing and puffing)- I had to sit down.  I couldn't really move that much.  It was really bad.

Rick: You be careful, man.

Joey: I thought I was gonna pass out.

Rick: Nam is outside.  You guys know Namugenyi.  She's outside.  Let's just see how she's doing.  Are you okay out there?

Nam:  I'm here with a very beautiful young lady here.  What's your name?

Girl: Penny.

Nam:  I have to ask you a question.  She loves you guys, so if you had a choice, if you had a choice to go out on the night, on a date, I guess, with one of the guys, who would you choose and why?  They're all watching by the way.

Penny: They all have girlfriends.  I can't go out with any of them.

Joey: No, we don't all have girlfriends.

Lance: Whatever.

Nam: (to Penny) That's not what you said before, but stick around.  More to come after this break with *NSync Live at Much.  (Applause and Cheering)

(Commercial break)

Rick: Of course you knew that was coming.  You knew they were going to switch it. (to Chris) You're getting closer to me.  Be careful.

Chris: What?

Rick: I'm going to have to call security very, very soon.

JC: He's got a plan.

Rick: "Pop" is the number one radio and sales single in Canada as of today, as of today.  What do you think of that?

Justin:  Woo!

Lance: That's cool.

Rick:  How do you like those apples?

Lance: Thank you, Canada, for a number one single.
(Applause and Cheering)

Rick: It was only a matter of time.  It was only a matter of time.

JC: We're excited every time we get a number one record.  We can't take it for granted.  Our first platinum album was right here and we're thankful every time we do well here.

Rick: So you're saying it's a different feeling every time?

JC: This is actually our first, like--I mean this is the first record--every time we do a new record, it's kind of like being born again, so every time the first song comes out we're really anxious and really excited about it, and to hear it, it's cool, man.

Rick: If that's any indication of what Celebrity's going to sound like...whoa.

Justin: Whoa.

Chris: You need to put a slip and slide right there.  That would be fun.  We'll just go right off into the crowd.  That'd be fun.

Rick: In the next half hour, maybe it can be done, next 45 minutes.  The last time...Actually not the last time, the first and only time you guys performed here at MuchMusic was on "Electric Circus".

JC: "E.C."
(Applause and Cheering)

Rick: Give it up.  Back in--

Joey: Black splashy jackets on.

Rick: Back in 1998 actually.

Joey: I remember that.

Justin: You're not going to show that.  Please say you're not going to show that.

Rick: How about we show a clip from "E.C." with *NSync back around 1998.  Look at this.

(*NSync performs "I Want You Back" on video)

Chris:  Lance, your hair glows in the dark.

Lance:  I look bald, it was so light.

JC: Hey man, we gotta come back and perform or something.  We gotta do another one.
(Cheering and Applause)

Justin: Yikes.

Rick: You can do something right now if you want.
(Cheering and Applause)

Chris:  Did you see Lance's hair?  Ha ha ha ha!

Lance:  You can talk?

Joey: Pineapple.

Rick: That move is still going strong today.

Chris: Which one?

Rick: The one where Lance--You still do that flip?

JC: Yeah!

Chris: No.  Not on this show.

JC: We've done way more new choreography.

Chris: We've gone from that flip.  We've got new ones for you up in here.

Joey: We also, on our show, we also do like a medley, so we try to - you know, we do "Tearing Up My Heart," "I Want You Back."

Chris: We don't flip in the medley.

Joey: No, we don't.

Chris:  I was like, who did you invite to do the flip, because I wasn't there.

Joey: I wasn't there either.

Rick: So much has happened.

JC: Yes.

Rick: To your pop music and pop in general.  It's a phenomenon.  It's everywhere, not just the romantice love pop songs but the dirty pop has taken over.  It's like your pop mixed with a little rock, a little rap.  Is this the direction-

Chris: Well "Pop"'s actually a romantic love ballad.

Justin: You have to play it backwards though.

Chris: Yeah, and slower, a lot slower.  But if you get the subliminal message, it's really sad.

JC: It's all about love.

Chris: Home is where the heart is.

Rick: Can I get a question in there?

JC: It's your show, man.

Justin:  I can answer your question.

Rick: Go ahead.  You heard it.

Justin: The whole album "Celebrity," we've just- I mean we tapped into a sound that we really enjoy with the "No Strings Attached" and with "Celebrity" you know, we just took it a step further.  We worked with so many different people, Rodney Jerkins, The Neptunes, B.T., and Brian McKnight.  This list goes on. Stevie Wonder actually played on our album.

Rick: On "Celebrity."

Justin: Yeah.  So there's a hint of, you know, "Bye Bye Bye" and  "It's Gonna Be Me" somewhere in there, but I think it's a step further.  It's definitely got an edge to it and the ballads are way more R&B and the up-tempos are way more...up-tempo.

JC: Up-tempo.

Rick: Nice explanation.  I like that.  Well done with the description.

JC: Thank you.

Chris: We practiced.

Rick: Are you liking the sound of "Pop", you liking it?  The first single.
(Applause and Cheering)
Album comes out July 24th called "Celebrity."  Let's get to the first single, the video.  It's "Pop" with *NSync Live in MuchMusic.

 ("Pop" music video plays)

Justin: Hey, what's up?  That was the number one song in the country, "Pop."  I'm Rick the Dork on MuchMusic.  So, guys, 2.5 million to make that video, huh?  What do you think, 2.5?  2.5 to make that video.

Rick:  (singing)  Dirty pop!  Diiiiirty po-o-o-op-op-op-op-op!
(Applause and Cheering)
(Justin and Rick switch chairs)

Rick: Okay then.  Wayne Isham did a great job on that.

Chris: He's awesome.

Rick: That's your director that did that.  2.5 wasn't it?  That's a lot of money to spend on a video.

JC:  Yeah well, we all-  took out of our allowance.

Chris: Who told you that?  It was like 36 bucks or something like that.  We all pitched in on it.  We didn't spend that much on it.

Justin: [a la Dr. Evil]  It was one billion dollars.
(Applause and Cheering)

Rick: It looks like you're all having fun in the video, especially Joey.  You're sitting there having fun.

Chris:  Yeah, surrounded by girls.

Rick:  Why were you doing that?

Joey: This is me: "You go, guys.  Keep dancing."  No, actually, what happened was is-

Justin: Hey, man, he did do something.

Joey: I did. I went up there and danced a little bit.  I tried to.  You could see every once in awhile my face was in pain. It looked like I was excited but I was hurting.  But we had Wade, our choreographer, help us out.
He came in, did a great job.  He couldn't grow a goatee so they painted it on.  Obviously you could see it was him.  We didn't want to lie to y'all and say, well, it was just me doing it.  I guess that's the reality in us.  We just want to let everybody know, I hurt my leg.  Things happen.  You gotta go on.

Rick: Show them what you showed me.

Joey: You want to see it?

Rick: The other thing.

Chris: Whoa!

Rick: Show that.  Look at this here.  This is pretty ugly. Look at that.

Guys: Ew!

Chris: Joey, ew.

Joey: Mmm.  Don't you want to lick it?

Justin: Hey, you should have seen it when it actually happened.

Joey: It was a lot deeper, a lot bigger.  It was pretty nasty.  I'm recovering real well.

Rick: Back in May, that happened?  Did that happen back in May?

Joey: Yeah.

Chris: A girl just said she's going to kiss it better, Joey.  She's going to kiss it better.

Rick: Who's going to kiss it better for Joey?

Chris: Come on!  Come kiss Joey's wound!

Rick: Come on down.  Come on down and quickly kiss that better.  You don't mind?  She's going to kiss it better for you.

Joey: You could kiss my leg.  I don't want you kissing my leg!

Chris: Kiss him on the cheek.

Rick: All right.  Check this out.  Thanks for coming.  Enjoy the rest of the show.  Question from Libby.  Libby, how are you doing?  *NSync right here.  Go ahead with your question.

Libby: Hi.  I'm Libby.  This is my friend, Kara.

Chris: (a la AA meeting) Hi, Kara.

Libby: Thank you.  My question is you sing about you - it's not about the clothes you wear, the ice around your neck, it's all about respect.  Do you feel that you're at that point in your career where you've gained the respect that you've been searching for, like from your peers and from critics?

Chris: I really think it's about the clothes I wear.

JC: Fuman.

Chris:  Not the ice though.  The ice thing is not-

Justin: (peering at Chris' necklace) That's nice

Chris:  Thanks.

JC: As far as the respect thing goes, I mean, we're just at a point where we're going to make the music we like to make and be proud of what we're doing before anything else.  I think some people are coming around.  I think there are still some critics-
(Chris leans in really close to JC's face) Hi, man.  How are you doing?
I still think there are some critics who are some non-believers and that's what motivates us.  We want to prove to people every day that we're the real thing and that we're gonna make the best product we can make.  And, you know, we're just gonna try and change some minds and, for the people who do believe in us, we're going to do our best every day to make it even better.
(Applause and Cheering)

Rick: Good answer to a good question.  E-mail question says, "Welcome back to Toronto, guys.  We love it when you visit.  During the show, do you ever get distracted by people or things you see in the audience?  For example-"

Chris: Lance.  This is a great question for Lance.

Rick:  Lance?  Let me just finish and you can go on.  It says, "For example, do you whisper 'Psst, check out the blonde at the end of the catwalk.'  Thanks, Kimberly.  The blonde at the end of the catwalk." (Laughter)
That's an e-mail.

Lance: Um, that would be a Joey quote.

Rick: I like that.  There she is.  She's very clever, this Kimberley.  So?  Lance?

Lance: We do get distracted sometimes with signs out in the audience.

JC: Lance starts to read them.

Chris:  He forgets choreography and everything.

Lance: I know.  I started reading one the other day, it was during "God Much Have Spent"  and we go up on these pods and stuff and I was totally reading one sign.  It was like really, really long and I totally missed like the first half-

Chris: Three words.  I think it was three words.

Lance: It was far away!

Rick: What did it say?

Lance: I don't even know.  It was like, "Hey, I'm blah-blah-blah."

Chris: He's still using phonics though so it's like "Ttthhheee.  I...Looove..."

Lance:  T-t-ha...Ttt-ha...

Rick: He's so mean, Chris, isn't he?  He's a big meany.  They will never buy Fuman Skeeto again.

Lance:  Yeah!

Rick:  Maybe they will.

JC: Now you've got tackle him.

Chris: I'm waiting for the right opportunity.

Rick: There's actually a sign outside right now that says "Lance, get naked" or something like that.  Let's go check it out.
(Rick heads outside and Lance follows)

Chris: Lance!

Rick: You guys can come, too.  Come on.

Lance: You know what?

Chris: I didn't want to come out if he was going to get naked.

Lance: It's funny that this sign is here, because that distracted me last night.  I saw that sign in the audience.

Rick: Really?

Lance: The funny thing is that sign got closer and closer and closer to the stage.  So, like, either she passed it to people or she hopped over people.

Rick: There's a bunch of signs out here for a bunch of people.  Messages for everyone.  JC, there's one for you.  There's one for me over there, too, from Tennessee.  Justin.  There's a bunch.  But right now we have to get to a question.  Namugenyi, one from Argentina.

Nam:  Thank you.  It is really, really loud out here.  I'm with some fans here from Toronto.  What's your name, hon?  Wow.  She's got a really good question.  What's your question, hon?

Girl: Well, after you've been on TV, have you ever thought "What was I doing?" or "What was I thinking," like something really embarrassing.

Rick: Did you hear that, guys?

JC: I had a hard time hearing it.

Rick: I think the most embarrassing thing that's happened.  What's been embarrassing?

JC: Well, I mean, stuff happens to us all the time on stage.  You know, but we are fine with it now.  We're not easily embarrassed any more.  In the beginning we used to get shy about things but now everybody knows our business, so we'll take the fall and have fun with it.

Rick: If that wasn't the question, we'll get the right question.  It's just so loud out here.  This is really loud.  You guys are fantastic.  More with *NSync at Live@Much with the guys continues after the break.  Come on back and join us.  It's beautiful out here.  The sun has come out.  You guys come, the sun comes out.

(Music plays into commercial)

Rick: You're back with Live@Much with *NSync.  We're outside.  We thought we'd sit here because it's beautiful out here.  It's a beautiful day.

Chris: It rained last night.

Rick: It rained last night, it rained a little bit this morning.

Chris: Now it's beautiful.

Rick: You guys come to visit, the sun comes out.  What do you think of that?

Justin: Don't say that.  We're out here like a half hour.  You'll jinx it.

Rick: You guys are obviously busy with a tour.  Before the tour, you were busy with rehearsing. The album's coming out next month.  Are you finding time for youselves to do whatever you want to do?  Or is it just concentrating on what has to be done?

JC: We're touring.  I mean, that's what we want to do.  We're doing exactly what we want to do.  We planned it because we love what we do and that's why we're on tour.  There's not a lot of personal time, but I mean it's the sacrifice you make to bring music to great people.

Rick: Good enough. I'll take that.  Speakers on the road, not only will we be asking you guys questions today, but there's cameras all over Canada, and specifically today people are directing their questions to you guys, okay?  We're doing that right now, right?  Speakers Corner out on the road.  Take it away.

Girl: Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I was wondering to Justin, you and Britney seem to be busy with both of your musical careers.  How do you guys make time to see each other?

Justin: Well, we don't find time.  We do what we can.

Chris: Aww.

Justin: I think we both have careers that are very important to us and of course we're important to each other but, you know, we do what we can so that's what makes it special when we do get to see each other.

Rick: How about the other guys?  We were talking about - some girl was saying you're all taken.  But that's not true.  Most of you are single.  Is it easier for you guys or is it difficult now to go on dates because of all the success that you--

Chris: It's difficult.

JC: It's hard.

Chris: It's really difficult.

JC: Hard to find someone genuine.

Rick: Meaning someone that's--

Chris: Go for it, man.

JC: (makes a "go ahead" gesture to Chris) You.

Chris: Answer it then, smarty.

JC: Yes.

Chris: How hard is it for you to find a girl, JC?

JC: Hey, man, I'm not messing with that.  Go ahead.

Rick: (Laughing).

Chris: (a la Eminem)  Please stand up.  Please stand up.

Rick: All right.  So they're totally gonna bypass that question, it seems like anyway.

Chris: No.  What do you want to know?  How hard is it to go out on a date?

Rick: Is it easy to find someone?

Chris: It's weird because a lot of times you have to go out- Hey!  A lot of times you have to go out and we have to go out with security, you know, if we're on tour or something, so, you know, and you're sitting there in a movie theater and you're like (starts to put an arm around Lance) and then suddenly your security guard's right there and you bump him.  He's like, "Excuse me."  You're like, "Sorry, Lonnie."  Sorry.  Won't mention any names.  But that's it.  I'm done.

Rick: That's it.  Look at how beautiful that is right there.  That's the C.N. Tower, the tallest structure in the world right there.

Lance: I've eaten there.  It's very nice.

Rick: You've eaten up there, Lance?

Lance: Yes I have.  During an electrical storm.  It was fun.

Rick: Nice.  And it revolves.  It goes round and round and round.  Around and around.  I have a little Who's Most Likely To...

Chris: Joey.

Rick: With *NSync.  Today's topic: Relationships and dating, since we're on that subject.

Chris: All right.

Joey: Uh-oh.

Rick: Who's the most likely to fall head over heels in love with someone?

Lance:  (points to Justin)  Justin.

Chris:  One, two, three.

Guys: Not it.

Lance: I'd say Justin.

Chris:  Lance.

Justin: I don't know though.  It takes a lot for me to- it takes a lot for me to fall in love.

Lance:  You're the only one who-

Rick: Are you in love?

Justin: Yeah, of course.

Rick: Of course you are.  Is anyone else in love?

Chris: I thought we were in Toronto.  (mary note:  that's really sad, because I made the same corny joke the day before I saw this)

Rick: Who's most likely to be the last bachelor standing?
(Lance raises his hand)  Lance?

Lance: Probably me.

Joey: Without being married?

Lance:  It's either me or Chris.

Chris: You mean who's most likely to be not maried?

Rick: Exactly.

Chris: That's me.

Justin: I don't know.  It might be Lance.

Chris: No.

Joey: I think Lance for some reason would be the first one.

Lance:  I'd be the first one who wants to get married, but...

Chris: Lance is the first one gonna be married.

Rick: Lance, why do you think that then?

Lance: Because that's how it always works.

Justin: Because that's it, man.

Rick: Let's move on.  Who's most likely to impress a girl by missing the Super Bowl so that you could spend some quality time on a picnic with her?

Justin: Definitely not Chris.

Joey: That would be me.

Justin: Yeah, Joey.

Rick: So you would miss the Super Bowl?

Justin: He doesn't even know how to play football.

Joey: I'll still be celebrating because around the same time it's my birthday.  So I'm cool.

Rick: You other guys are into football and basketball.

Jusin:  Miss the Super Bowl?

Chris: Miss the Super Bowl?

Rick: Can't do that.

Lance: This year it's in New Orleans.  Definitely not missing the Super Bowl.

Joey: New Orleans?  I'll be there.

Rick: Lastly, who's most likely to sit back and watch the girl pay for dinner?

Lance: Chris.

[JC, Joey, and Chris raise their hands]

Joey: All of us.

Chris: Aww, don't boo.  What?

Rick: It's the year 2001.

Joey: All the women say, ah, this is, you know, 2001.  We do our own thing.

Chris: Women's lib.  What happened to women's lib?  Oh, where did it go now, huh?  Yeah, that's right.  Y'all can vote.

Rick: You cheap bastard..

Chris: You can pay for dinner.

Rick: You cheap...How many albums have you sold?

Chris: I don't know.  Two or three.  It's not about the money.  It's about the idea of it.  If she want to pay...

Rick: Go right ahead.  Namugenyi's out there somewhere.  Let's keep it down.  Go ahead with the fan's question.

Nam:  Okay.  Not only do we have people from Toronto, we have people from Tennessee, Los Angeles.  Where did you fly from to see these guys?

Girl: I flew in all the way from Saudi Arabia.

Nam: Wow.  That's crazy.

Chris: Is that in Connecticut?

Nam: What did you say?

Chris: Is that in Connecticut?

Lance:  It's in California.

Nam: Yeah.  It's just down the street.  We've got a question here from Rohanna.  What's your question, hon?

Girl: Your career must be like a dream come true for you.  Do you still have any dreams that you want to fulfil?

JC:  Not me.

Joey: Yeah.  We always do.  Yeah, we always want to accomplish, you know, the same thing as, you know, this album coming out.  We hope to accomplish everybody enjoying the album, hopefully touring again, doing out own side projects that we have, accomplishing them.  It's an ongoing thing, I think.

Justin: Maybe somebody could put in a good word for me with the Raptors or something.

Rick: We'll see.

Justin: In case this falls through.  I can play.  I mean, I'm not- I can't dunk like Vince, but I can definitely alley-oop it to him.

Rick: Hey, is there a basketball around?

Justin: No, no, no.  No, no, no.

Rick: Well, you gotta practice what you preach.

Justin: If you give me a basketball, I'm just gonna leave and go and find a...

Rick: How about the rest of you guys?

Chris: I don't want to play for the Raptors.

Rick: No, not that.

Chris: Oh.  What was the question?

JC: I think we're all in the same boat.  We love what we do and music comes first, and I think that-  I mean, we all want to be a part of a song that could live on for a long time.  I think that every time we tackle an album, we want to make it better than the lastone.  You know, our dream is to make great records and make great music, and we make attempts at it every time we go into the studio.  So, I mean, we're fulfilling our dreams and yet we haven't reached them.  It's kind of like an infinite loop.  We'll never get there in a way.

Rick: Although you keep attempting and trying.

JC:  Every day.

Rick: Okay, guys.  Right on.  We have to take a quick commercial break. More with guys of *NSync as the Live@much continues very shortly.  You want to come back.

(commercial break)

Rick: Are you okay?  You're back with Live@Much with *NSync.  And this girl here, you're crying, but are you okay?  Did someone hurt you?  Was it Joey?  I'll get him.

Chris: She's looking at you.

Rick: Are you all right?

Girl: Yeah.

Rick: She's gonna be fine.  I think she just got a glimpse of Chris and she started crying or something.  You scare her!  Stop that.

(Chris tips over Rick's chair)

Joey: There's no crying in MuchMusic.

Rick: We're going to be coming back outside shortly.  We're going back insdie shortly because there's people waiting for us as well.  You guys stay there.  We'll be right back.  (to Chris)  Hey, what's going on?  That was a nice thing.  I meant that in a positive way.

Justin:  Something happened to your chair.

(Chris pulls Rick's chair right next to his)

Chris: Hey man, why don't you sit right here?

Rick: Security, can we have him removed, please?

Justin: Uh-oh.

Chris:  Come on up, buddy.

Rick: I don't know if that's going to work with the lights.  That's not going to work with the lights.

Chris: Shut up.  Come on up, buddy.

Rick: That's not working with the lighting they have set up.  They worked days and days and days for this lighting.  Okay. "Celebrity" comes out July 24th.  Everyone's waiting for it.

(Chris stares at Rick with his arm on Rick's chair)

JC: It's kind of cluse, huh?

Rick: Kind of a weird approach you took this summer..  You're touring before the album comes out.  What's up with that?

Justin:  You can breathe.

Chris: Don't ask the wrong question.

JC: Actually, when we were-  we were kind of doing all three things at once, and we-  when we did the "Strings" tour last year or whatever, we kind of-  we did those songs so much that when we were cutting the new album, we were so excited about the new material that we figured, you know, everybody who was buying the tickets to the shows, they were our fans.  I mean they love our music and we wanted to give them something special.  So we wanted to kind of give them an introduction to the album as a thank you for always supporting us and everything like that.  We were going to give them the new music before anybody else got it.  So we went out on the road.  We play seven of the new songs off the new album every night that we play.  We did it for the fans.

Chris: I think it's fun, too, to watch them.  When we get out there and we start doing the new material, everybody, you know, they just sit back and they watch, and we can actually see, you know, how people like the music rather than if we'd released the album, they'd take the CD home, go home and listen to it.  But now we get to actually look out and see people's reactions to their first listen.

Rick: Sort of scoping it out, trying it-

Chris: No.  I just made that up.

JC: It is fun though.  It's fun to see the first listen, you know, to introduce-- like the first time they ever hear that song is right there when you're staring them eye to eye, kind of face to face, which is a great feeling for us, you know.  We get to see their first listen.

Lance: And it helped us pick the songs for the album because we were on tour before we even picked most of the songs for the album so we knew which songs worked.

Chris: And the ones they booed, we took off.

Rick: I don't think they would ever boo.

Chris: Well, maybe you.

JC: Aww.

Lance: He's all over you today.

Justin: I think we're going to have to cut to another commercial break.

Chris:  About three seconds away.

Rick: "No Strings" goes 2.4 in the first week.  Are you even concerned with that "Celebrity" does in the first week?

Girl: 3 million.
(Applause and Cheering)

Chris: 3 Million in Canada.

Joey: I'm like sweating now that she said that.

Rick: It puts the pressure on these guys now.

JC: Yeah!

Justin: To us, the big accomplishment for "No Strings Attacked" is the face that it's still selling today.  It's 11 million.  You know, that's- to us, is like amazing.  So I think with "Celebrity-"

Joey: Longevity.

Justin: The first week is the first week.  There are many weeks that come after that, and if it sells good the first week, then that's a plus but, you know, however many it sells, we just hope that it has longevity.

JC: Yeah, consistency.
(Applause and Cheering)

Rick: Right on.  Joyce is with us in the Environment audience.  Joyce, where are you first of all?  Here she is, right here.  Joyce, you were doing this earlier.

Joyce: Yeah.

Rick: Go ahead.  Here's *NSync right here.

Chris: (a la South Park's Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo) Hiii-de-hooo!

Joyce: Hi-de-ho, Ranger Joe.  Now that summer's started, and speaking personally I'm looking for a summer job, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I was just wondering what was your worst summer job ever, like in your teenage life or whatever, if you're still in your teenage...

Justin: I started this in my teenage life.

JC: He was like 12 when he got on board.

Lance: My worst and favorite summer job, I worked in a snowcone place, and I made snowcones and it was fun 'cause, like me and my friends used to have snowball fights and everything but it was hard work.  You worked 15 hours straight.

Chris: You had to make snowcones.  C'mon.

Lance:  It was hard!

Justin:  People wanted the mixtures, the blue raspberry and the strawberry.  That's a lot.

Lance:  Like, "It's going to cost you 25 extra cents" and then they weren't having it...

Justin:  Had to deal with the drama of the snowcone place.

Joey:  He had a different colored mouth every day, kept eating all the snowcones.

Lance:  Huge sugar highs.  It was crazy.

Rick: Is that okay, Joyce?  Are you happy with that?

Joey: Mine, it wasn't like the worst.  It was a lot of fun but it was a lot of hard work.  I did characters at Disney.  And I played like Pluto and Tigger, and to stay in that costume when it's like 95 degree weather.

Rick: Pluto?

Justin: Wait, wait, wait.  Okay.  I know you guys probably know Ryan Gosling.  He's from Ontario.  He's from Cornwall, Ontario.  He was like my partner in crime.  We actually used to pick on people like him, like, because--No, honestly because there's a rule at Disney.  You can't break your character, even if you're on the back lot.  You can't break your character and you can't speak.  So we always used to run up to Jafar and be like, "Hey, man - Boom" and kick him in the butt.  And he had to sit there and be like "hey, okay!"

Chris: See?  You said I was mean.  That was mean.

Joey:  At times we wanted to choke little kids like you.

Justin:  So, if I ever nailed you, sorry, man.

Lance:  So those were people in those suits?

Chris: (as Joey) Hey, that was you?  The little kid with the curly hair!  I remember you.

Rick: Lance is actually asking if there's people in those-

Joey:  There's no Tigger, Eeyore, or Pooh.

Lance:  That just ruined the whole magic for me right there.

Rick: It will be all right though. Don't worry.

Chris: Don't worry about it. You worked at a snowcone place.

Justin:  You still have Universal Studios.

Lance:  Yeah, they're real.

Rick: We have a phone call for you guys.

Chris:  Doo-wop she-doo.

Rick: Ed from Toronto.  Go ahead.  *NSync.

Ed the Sock:  Hey.  How are you guys?

Guys:  Aw!

Rick:  Joey's eyes lit up.

Ed the Sock: You know.  I understand you started the show talking about me.  How can I resist calling in?

Chris:  We're really sorry you missed the show last night.  I heard you didn't have a gun to your head so you didn't show up.

Ed the Sock: Why didn't you send somebody with a pistol?  You guys are from the States.  You guys are all packing.

Chris:  Yeah, we're all packin'.

Ed the Sock: You know, if you're such big fans, where's my frickin' interview?  Why don't I get to sit there with you?

Joey:  You're not here, man.

Chris:  Where are you?

Ed the Sock: I'm at home.  What, I hang around there just in case you happen to look my way?  What do you think I am, 14?

Rick: Ed, what are you wearing?

Ed the Sock: What am I wearing? Rick, we don't get into that on the air.

Chris:  I don't know, but I bet it's a sock.

Ed the Sock: Well, that was hilarious.

Chris:  You're funny.

Ed the Sock: Listen, I have a question for you.  Your song "Pop," you seem a little bit angry in that one.  Why do you even bother responding to your critics?  You're making millions of dollars.  What the hell do you care what people like me say?

JC:  Actually, it's not really an angry song.  It's more of a tongue in cheek type thing.  We're kind of making fun of ourselves in a way.  Some of the words are angry in a way and the other words kind of flip it to where it's more making fun of ourselves.  At first listen it might sound that way.  When you kind of listen to it again, you realize we're actually...

Chris:  Believe it or not, we make fun of ourselves more than you do.

Ed the Sock: Well, you just have more time with yourselves, that's all.

Chris: Exactly.

Rick: Ed, thanks for the call.

Ed the Sock: Rick, did you give them their little presents?

Rick: Not yet.

Ed the Sock: I got some presents for you guys. Something to look forward to after the show, guys.

Justin:  We're ecstatic.

Lance: I can't wait.

Ed the Sock: Thanks for the sarcasm.  I'll see you guys later, all right?
 (Cheering and Applause)

Rick: *NSync will bring you back into the States, Much USA, don't you worry about it, Ed.  Hey, guys, this is an e-mail.  Pay attention to the moniter up there. "I went to the show last night and it was amazing.  My question is if you could be any femaile celebrity, who would you be and why?  Thanks, from Sarah, London, Ontario."

Chris:  I'd be a lot of female celebrities.

Lance: Janet Jackson.
(Cheering and Applause)

Chris: Yeah, but why, Lance?

Lance: (sings) I touch myself.
(Cheering and Applause)
Whoa, I'm sorry.

JC:  Rated PG.

Joey: Whoa.  That was oversharing.

Chris: Hey, do we have Ed on the phone again?

Rick: Is he still on air?

Lance:  I only say what everyone's thinking.

JC:  Wow.

Justin:  I think Madonna.  I want to know what goes on in her head.  I think she's brilliant.  I think she's brilliant...She's got nice arms, too.

Rick: Not bad arms.  Nice bicep muscles.  Joey?

Joey: I don't have a clue.  Get back to me.  I'm still thinking.

Lance: Chyna.

Joey:  Oh, gosh.

Chris: He wants to see what it's like to be buff.

Justin: Yeah, he wants to put on some muscle.

Joey: Because I'm pretty huge right now.  Whew!

Rick: Did we miss anyone here?  Did we get everyone?

Joey: Chris?

Rick: JC.

Joey: He really wants to be Posh Spice.

JC: No.  I'd probably be, umm, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba...I'd probably be somebody like Bjork or somebody like that.  Just to see what goes on in her head as well.

Chris:  I'd go out with Bjork.  Not if she were JC...No, I'd be Gwen Stefani.  And I would take myself to the movies.

Rick: Ans that will take us to break because we have to get to a break.  We'll be back, though.  Live@Much with *NSync continues shortly.  Come on back and join us.

(commercial break)

Rick: An hour flies by.  It just flies by.  Actually, there's a couple people that want you guys to say hello if you wouldn't mind that.  Dylan is watching right now.  He's in the hospital recovering from an injury.  Dylan's out there watching.

Chris:  Hi, Dylan.

JC:  Yo, man.

Lance:  Hi.

Chris: (AA meeting again)  Hi, Dylan.

Joey:  Yo.

Rick: Tiffany's over here.  She's celebrating her birthday today.

Joey: Happy birthday.

Rick: Aand unfortunately that's all the time we have, guys.

The Crowd: Aww!

Justin: It is?

Rick: That's right.  That's it.  Do you want to go outside and say good-bye to the people out there?

Justin: Of course we do.

Rick: Thanks for coming down here.  Thank you, guys.  Let's go and say good-bye to the rest of them out here.

JC: Thank you all.
(Cheering and Applause)

Joey: How are you doing?

Rick: They all came down. They all spent several hours down here.
We have to thank Namugenyi as well.  Namugenyi's out there somewhere.  Nam, are you hanging in there?

Nam:  I'm good.  Thank you guys for coming out.  A lot of questions. They were good questions.  Thank you guys, for coming out.

Lance:  Thank you to everybody.

Rick: Bye, guys. You're on your way to Cleveland.  The album comes out July 24th called "Celebrity."  Thanks again for coming down, everybody.  Thanks for watching.

Justin:  Got Skeeto shirts.  Fuman Skeeto stuff.

JC: Slam him.  You're going to miss your chance.

(Chris pushes Rick into the audience)