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Hello everybody! I just put this page up here so people can gawk and stare at me and especially my friends (because I know my friends will greatly apprectiate being gawked and stared at - that's just the kind of people they are).

Maybe someday you'll wander in here, and everything will have suddenly become more elegant and lovely. But right now, you get this. Enjoy!

P.S. My scanner is of lower quality (i.e. it sucks) so the pictures are a bit blurry and dark. I actually look much more stunning in real life.
...No, really.

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Dressed up! - My sister Cathy, my second cousin Roger, and everyone's favorite Mary, all looking spiffy in our nice outfits.
Before the Prom - Aaron and I standing in my living room, trying to look elegant.
On Top of the Stairs Before Prom - Oooh, hope I don't fall down! (I didn't.)
At the Restaurant Before Prom - My best friend Kami, her date Zak, and Aaron and I posing in a Japanese Steakhouse.
Ready to rock! (well, not really) - This is me, Cathy, and her friends, Jenni and Megan, standing in a hotel room right before we left for a concert in Cincinnati
Queen Kami - Well, I think the title says it all.
From Down Below - You may think you've seen all angles of me, but have you ever looked up my nose? (Don't worry, it's neither gross nor graphic...although I look almost evil)
Garden of Happy Goodness - Kami and Ashley looking pleasantly cheerful standing in the garder at Zoar, an old German town.
Last Day of School with Andy, Amy, and Marri - Aw, don't they look depressed at the thought of leaving good ol' Fisher?
Last Day of School with Jessica and Marie - Jessica, you can thank me later.
Last Day of School with Jessica and Marie, the Cropped Version - Same picture, only it came out cropped. But Jessica's face is more visible, and really, isn't that what matters?
Last Day of School with Kami - Kami sitting in highly learningful English class.
Messy Evan - My nephew is the cutest kid to ever have been born on this planet!
You Know You're in Love... - When you pose for pictures like this! Here's my brother, Doug, and his fiancee (update: wife!), Susan.
A Day at the Faire - Can you find Kami and Ashley? Psst - they're in disguise!
Everyone loves a good Homecoming picture - Whew, there's a lot of people in this one. Aaron, Mike, Abby, Lincoln, Nick, Kami, Ashley, Angie, and of course, me.
Isis - Don't let the convincing Halloween costume fool you! I'm really not an Egyptian goddess. Thanks for wondering though. My sister, however, really is a nurse. (ha ha, just kidding)
Musings - Me pretending to write as I wait for my muse to inspire me.
Don't Look At This One - Why not? 'Cause I look funny.
On the Porch Steps - Cathy and I when we were wee lasses. I'm the one who isn't shocked.
Mary as a Young'un - Your day won't be complete without seeing me sitting in a drawer.
Mary with a Kitten - In case you can't get enough.
My better side - Now I'm getting to the point where I'm throwing in pictures just to take up space.
"Sometimes, when I get really nervous..." - My Halloween costume from Junior year.
Hit Me, Baby, One More Time! - Cathy, Rebecca, and Megan, doing their impression of Britney.
The Lightroom Crew and Andy - Andy, Amy, Jessica, and Abby, alert on their job as lighting crew for "Bye Bye Birdie"
More of the Lightroom Crew - The same people, only with Rob Gorby this time. Sorry Amy, if you see this, I didn't know you would blend in so well with your surroundings. Bad lighting, bad!
Harvey Johnson and Gloria - Andy and Maureen, part of that wonderful, talented cast of our highly esteemed production of "Bye Bye Birdie"
Not Quite Ready for Playgirl - Eric showing off his undies. Blasted poor lighting!
Jess the Photographer - Jessica shows off her photography skills, finding beauty in *anything*. (This and the next four are pictures I took with a digital camera of pictures Miss Jessy took)
Yippee! - The epitome of cheerfulness.
Two Lovely Girls - Nice picture of Jessica and me at her house.
Just Me - Yep.
Cheers! - Me again.
Room With a View - The view from my college dorm room in downtown Boston.
Can't Think of Another Title for a Me Picture - Just what it says.
ME! - Much like the previous, in sepia tones.
Two Emerson Pals - Thumps and Randy, friends from college.
Hitting the Road - Me sitting in a car. First pic of my new haircut!
Wha...? - Haha, second pic of my new haircut, this time in my house. The title of the pic refers to the intelligent expression on my face.
Up on the Mountain - Shawn and I overlooking Lancaster on the top of Mt. Pleasant. I never realized I had such a ghetto booty! Eek. (Shawn assured me it was just the lighting. Crisis averted.)
Shawn and Mary - Okay, I didn't want to include this because I look like I either came out of a boxing match or am impersonating a raccoon, but Shawn looks nice, so enjoy!
The New Addition! - Here I am with my parents...and my new nephew! Zachary Alexander, born Jan. 14. Hello, kid!

A couple of pictures for a project I did for my production class.
Bubbles in the Shower - Bubbles starts the day out right!
Snow Angel - Bubbles in the snow.
Horsies - Bubbles going for a ride!
Posing at Cheers - Bubbles the Tourist
Bubbles Peers at a Diarama - Just like it sounds. Taken at the library.
Bubbles at FAO Schwartz - A day just isn't complete without a stop at FAO.
Still at FAO - Same thing with slight variations.
Bubbles Takes a Break - Bubbles in the Common.
Bubbles Pays Her Respect - Bubbles visits the tomb of Mother Goose.
Bubbles Pays Her Respect Part 2 - This time it's Paul Revere. Look closely, especially at the shadow.
Bubbles Falls in Love - Just look at her dreamy expression.
Bubbles and the Preacher - Another Boston monument.
Bubbles With Squirrels - Did you know that one of Bubbles' superpowers is being able to speak Squirrel?
Bubbles With Squirrels, Part 2 - Bubbles just loves those squirrels!
Bubbles and Some Other Statue - Kinda blurry.
Bubbles Can't Wait Until She Starts Her "Administrative Cycle" and Becomes a Woman - I stopped at a CVS and got inspired.
Bubbles at the Library - Bubbles with pretty murals behind her.
Bubbles at Another Monument - This monument is a really cool one dedicated to a black regime during the Civil War.
ZZZZZzzzzz... - It's been a long day.

Pictures I Got Somewhere Else
These aren't pictures of people I know. They just struck my fancy.
Girl Scouts - Heeheeheehe...for my girl scouting friends (and heck, anybody else)
Freaky - This one is very cool. Check it out. One of those optical illusion things, which are always a barrelful of fun.
N'Sync N'Drag - Hehe, couldn't resist. An obviously edited picture, but still cute.

@--,-`--,- @--,-`--,- @--,-`--,- @--,-`--,- @--,-`--,-

Mary's Short Stories
Please don't read these! They are all assignments from my Intro to Fiction Writing class. I'm only putting them up so it looks like I'm an actual, real-life, authentic writer. Even if I'm not.
Barbies, Toy Cars, and Jesus - I think this is my longest story, at a mere eight or so pages. If you're going to read any of my stories (but please don't!) this would probably be the one...if you can handle sappy, mushy stuff.
My Christmas Story - Something I wrote for Christmas but never actually handed in.
Obsessed - We were to write a story about obsession. This is dedicated to all those teenyboppers out there.
City of Sorrow - The first assignment of the class, simply called "City of Sorrow". This was my example. It's based on a true event, but I took a lot of liberties with it. Hope no offense is taken.
Rant - Had to write a rant, so I did.
How to Decorate a Desk - A story about a Friday night (exaggerated, by the way).
Watch - The assignment: write three pages just about an object, without straying from that object.
Watch II - Take the object from the previous assignment, and mutilate, drown, or beautify it.

Okay, so none of those were terribly exciting. Hopefully I'll write something I'm really proud of.

Awww, that's it for now! Stay tuned for more Mary goodness!

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