*NSYNC 2001 PopOdyssey Tour
              a diary of one fan's adventures before, during, and after the two Cleveland concerts, June 21 and 22, 2001.

The Whole Shebang - the entire story, from start to finish.

Diary Entries:
The Beginning - prologue and start of our trip
The Story of...The Tickets, Part I - a prequel to our story, a recount of all my ticket-buying mishaps.
The Story of...The Tickets, Part II
The Story of...The Tickets, Part III
Adventures in Cleveland, cont. - How we killed time, or, Fun in a fancy, hoity-toity hotel
"It's doing WHAT outside?!" - Say it isn't so, Joe.
At the Stadium - We arrive early.
Pre-Show Antics - A report on *NSync's anti-drug ad and the preview for Lance's movie, On the Line.
Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain - The opening acts, and introducing Steve Fatone as emcee.  Includes a diagram of our seats.
Cue the Floodgates - NSync is delayed as the rain continues to pour.  Pandemonium?
*NSync Takes the Stage...I mean it this time - It's about time, eh?
*NSync Returns After a Not-So-Brief Interlude - 50 minutes of rain before a very wet *NSync comes back.
Singing in the Rain with *NSync - The concert, the songs, and my opinions of such.  (here's a preview:  It was awesome!)
Singing in the Rain with *NSync, Part II - More of the same.

*more to come!*

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