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Put on your hard hats, dudes and dudettes, because this site is under construction, baby!
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Hello there, good sir or madam,

My name is MaryMQC, and I will be filling in the role of author and creator for this site.
Here, you will (hopefully) find artwork and stories by me and any other contributors; transcripts of *NSync interviews and events; my personal opinions on various *NSyncing topics; pictures; song parodies; and other miscellaneous what-have-yous.  And, for the downright curious, I've even included a bio of...well, myself, complete with pictures and fun trivia facts and the such.   A fan site just isn't complete without a bio, right?  I mean, am I right?

P.S.  The walls here are not soundproof, so if you could please keep all screaming to a minimum, I'd right appreciate that.  Thank ye, sir/ma'am.

P.P.S.  I apologize for the bare, rather uncreative layout of this site.  I'm too lazy to figure out all the fancy web designing shenanigans.  Please forgive me.


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