(note: any words you may see that are misspelled actually aren't misspelled at all. that's just me putting a creative spin on traditional ways. really.)

Dear Diary,

I'm about to divulge a deep, dark secret to you. I've done something I'm not particularly proud of. It pains me to even think upon it. Okay, actually it doesn't - in fact, it makes me incredibly giddy - but still, it isn't something I'm going to create a t-shirt for.

I went to an NSync concert...twice!

It cost me a pretty penny, too. There's a nice, long story that goes along with that, and who knows, maybe someday I'll grace you with that very interesting anecdote. But suffice to say, the entire trip cost me over $500, including the hotel room in downtown Cleveland, which, I'll have you know, was NOT the same hotel that NSync stayed in. Noooo, they decided to room in the hotel NEXT DOOR. Dorks, the lot of them.

Anywho, My friend, Jessica, and I began our journey at 8:45 am from my house. Four hours later, we arrived at our hotel, having only stopped twice, once for gas, and once for McDonald's grub. Since we had never gone to a hotel that offered valet parking, we were fairly unsure as to what to do and where to go. Fortunately for us, the doorman waved us through so that we pulled right behind an older fella. The doorman unloaded the guy's luggage from his trunk and we watched and waited for our turn as the man and luggage disappeared into the hotel. We ended up sitting for fifteen minutes, staring at the empty car in front of us. Then, a van pulled in beside us, and when the doorman started to unload THAT car, we finally decided it was time for action. So I very firmly climbed out of our car, slammed the door shut and strode aggressively towards the doorman, saying in a very strong, demanding voice, "Uh, does this,
um, hotel have valet parking?"

To which he suspiciously replied, "Why are you here?"

I gazed defiantely at him. "Well, uhh, I'm a guest. An overnight...guest. *squeak*"

His face broke into a grin. "Oh! I thought you were here to see NSync." Jessy loved how he mistook her for a teenyboppin' NSync fan. She told me so later. So anyway, our valet parking fiasco was averted, and we were able to safely proceed into our hotel, where we checked in without incident - even gaining an "upgrade", whatever the heck that is - and traveled to the 12th floor to our room, 1231 (which, coincidentally and scarily enough, is the same as the last four digits of our former high school, good ol' William V. Fisher Catholic High. We gulped nervously at this bad omen, but bravely accepted our fate.)

It took four right turns to reach our "upgraded" hotel room. Exit the elevator, turn right, go down the hallway, turn right again, go down another, even longer hallway, turn right again, go down yet another hallway, and then turn right at our room door. So if you ever stay at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland and coincidentally get Room 1231, thank your lucky stars that I was here to give you
directions. And, just to warn you, this "upgraded" room only has one bed. It also has ivy plants in a windowbox outside, though.  Pretty nice touch, I might add.

Oh my Lord, I've written this long, and haven't even begun! What is wrong with me? Well, okay, I'm tired right now, so I shall continue this fascinating experience at a later date and time (probably tomorrow morning).

good night!

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