The Story of...The Tickets                               6/29/2001

Okay, well I didn't wait as long as I thought I would to tell you the background story for...The Tickets (da da DUM!).
The only reason I'm actually telling this story, as well as giving the horribly intricate details of our trip, is so that I can
remember this vacation for years to come. Or a few months, anyway.

Anyway, The Ticket Fiasco, as I like to call it, was a big ol' mess. It began when NSync started to announce their
concert tour stops one by one at irratic intervals, instead of producing a long, complete list for their fans' convenience.
They announced Cincinnati and sold tickets to that concert before my noticing. But then I found out about Cleveland
 a couple of weeks before its tickets went on sale on St. Patrick's Day, and I realized that would be a perfect opportunity
for me.

You see, I was in Boston at that time, where no one would be caring about some concert in Cleveland. The Boston
concert (actually, Foxboro) had already gone on sale, which I admit is a plus of not announcing all the concerts at
once, leading to a sale of tickets all at once. All this equals no line at Ticketmaster. Perfect! I had visions of front row
tickets swimming through my head.

Unfortunately, the day Cleveland went on sale, my friend, Jessica, was visting me from way back in Ohio. Jessica, who
is not a big NSync fan at all. (I just thank God it wasn't Ashley!) But that's okay, I gave her plenty of warning that I
would be getting up at 7 or so so I could wait at the nearest Ticketmaster counter. Not only that, but I offered to pay
for her ticket if she would go to the concert with me. Pretty nice deal for her, if you ask me! So we both agreed, each
feeling as if we were doing the other person a huge favor. After looking at Ticketmaster's website, I found a counter at
Fanueil Hall which had a yellow cc symbol next to it, meaning it filled the crucial requirement of accepting credit cards
(I'm a college student - I certainly didn't have any cash!). So we were all set.

We decided to make a big morning of it. Not only would we get up early to get to Ticketmaster, but we'd actually get
up even earlier to catch the sunrise on the beach. Now, if that doesn't sound like the coolest thing, I don't know what
does. So I got up at 4 am, took a shower, and then woke up Jessica. After getting ready, we headed to the nearest T
(Boston's subway), getting there about 5:30. It was so early that the gates were open and the farelady just waved us
through without charging. Nice!

However, we had to wait over ten minutes for the connecting train at Government Center. The official time of sunrise
was 5:53, and we didn't get on the blue line until 5:48. The Revere Beach stop just happened to be the last one. And I
swear, the train went even slower than usual, just to annoy me.

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