"It's doing WHAT outside?!"

After the gift shop, we wandered back to our room. I continued to praise the peach and vanilla scented soaps and
juniper breeze lotion and shampoos. Oh, the joys of staying at an incredibly expensive hotel.

Jessica changed into her concert clothers which, for your mental imagery enjoyment, included a black tank top with a
flower, jeans, and a cool, New York City-lookin' black jacket. I, on the otherhand, arrogantly thought that I would need
very little protection from the cold, and only took a very thin almost see-through, half-length sleeved, purple button
down, which I tied around my waist. I kept my London Bridge in Arizona shirt and jeans.

 Then, as we finished getting ready, through the glass ceiling that covered the pool/atrium that our room overlooked,
we saw that it was - gasp! - raining. Not just raining either, but thunder and lightninging as well. Jessica quickly
pointed out that it was my fault. Over the past two months, I had always complained that we never got enough
thunderstorms. I accept all blame for the storms Thursday.

Well, since I finally got the thunderstorm I had so eagerly wanted in days past, I decided I was going to enjoy it as
much as I could. So I convinced Jessica that we should sit in the fancy, plush lobby area surrounded by huge
windows. And by golly, we did! Of course, as soon as we sat down, the storm stopped.

But not the rain. Oh no, the rain continued.

A 30-ish lady sat on a couch right by us, and she asked us if we were going to NSync. She seemed pretty sympathetic,
and began listing suggestions of things we could do to kill time, such as the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and the mall.
She also told us that the local radio station was holding an NSync pre-party at the mall. We already knew about it from
the signs posted all over in the mall, but her suggestion convinced me that we should at least check it out (and laugh
at the screaming girls, if nothing else). So we went.

And there were plenty of screaming girls there. We took at spot on the second floor railing, looking down. It turned
out the pre-party was just the radio holding contests and challenges for girls who want to win tickets. Fortunately, it
didn't involve anyone jumping into pools of manure, like the brilliant radio station at home, but we did see some girls
do some pretty amazing stuff. One girl kissed the feet of some guys.

Then we saw a little girl cover herself COMPLETELY with peanut butter. Did you notice how I used caps for
"completely"? If not, go back and take note. She did not leave an inch bare. Jessica and I wondered how she would get
rid of that peanut butter. How do you hose of that stuff, especially when you're in the middle of a large mall?

But when we heard what the next girl was about to do, we raced out of the mall. We weren't the only ones either. I
distinctly saw a girl mouth "WHAT?!" when the radio dj announced that the next contestant offered to swallow the
used toothpaste somebody had brushed their teeth with.

No thanks to that.

Fortunately, by the time we left the mall, it was a little after four and the rain had stopped. We decided to head to
Browns Stadium, aka, the NSync Concert site.

p.s. Jessica had a grilled chicken sandwich at Hard Rock.

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